The Wellness Routine that Relieves pain and Improves Quality of Life

Soaking in a hot tub is the perfect way to unwind after a long, busy day, but this wellness routine can provide benefits beyond relaxation. More and more, people are discovering how soaking in a hot tub can ease pain and stiffness, help muscles recover after exercise, and provide temporary relief from symptoms of arthritis, … Read More

How to get the most out of your hot tub benefits

1.     Time in your hot tub can improve your emotional wellness After a long day at work or at home with the kids, when you need to unwind, go and soak in your hot tub. Relaxing in hot water helps to elevate your mood, calm your nerves and take your mind off the worries of the … Read More

What are the benefits of a salt water hot tub?

For centuries, people have traveled to hot springs to bathe in the mineral-rich waters and experience their restorative powers. These hot springs are prized for their ability to improve health and wellness in a relaxing and natural way. Now you can enjoy those same transformative properties without ever leaving the peace and comfort of your … Read More

Water Stress Relief

Did you know that chronic stress can lead to death?  According to Mayo Clinic, chronic stress can lead to heart, digestive, and memory problems. Fatigue and sleeping problems are body indicators that you need to slow down and unwind from your daily stressors.  Believe it or not, taking a swim is a perfect stress reliever! … Read More